Glitz and Gold

So lately, I’ve been loving gold and rose gold accessories. I think they are the perfect addition to any outfit, especially when wearing neutrals (which is basically all I wear). I love pairing my rose gold michael kors watch with some super stacked bangles or triple cuff rings.

If you are interested in this trend but don’t know where to start then try adding a cool gold choker or a stack of rose gold cuffs to your all black or neutral ensemble. Another cool option is adding a gold hair cuff to your super sleek ponytail. This trend is super easy and do-able, it’s all about balancing and adding just the right of glitz and glam to chic-ify any outfit.



Glitz and Gold

Vintage jewelry

Deepa Gurnani indian jewelry
$330 –

Versace copper ring
$195 –

CC SKYE magnetic jewelry

Peace sign jewelry
$21 –

ASOS ring

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