Celebrate National Cat Day with 6 Kitty-Themed Beauty Products

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a cat lady. I grew up with cats and currently have two little furry friends named Seymour and Misha who constantly make appearances on my Snapchat story and Instagram page. To celebrate this totally fun and 100 percent necessary national holiday I’ve rounded up the cutest cat-inspired beauty products so you can take your cat lady-ness (or man-ness) to the next level.

  1. Paul & Joe Cat Lipstick

The Parisian brand Paul & Joe, known for their whimsical aesthetic, launched a cat-themed makeup collection in 2012 with the star product being a cat-shaped lipstick. While I didn’t get the original lipstick that launched almost four years ago I squealed when I spotted an updated version of their pretty kitty-themed lippies on ASOS.com.  I pretty much immediately added one to my cart along with one of their signature lipstick cases (the lipstick and case are sold separately) and pressed submit. The lipsticks come in three wearable shades: Coffee Cherry (a red with a nude cat face in the center), Cafe Parisien (a hot pink with a beige-y nude cat face in the center) and Café Espresso (a peachy nude with a brownish-hued cat face in the center). The two tones create a soft gradient effect on the lips meaning your lips look fuller when using this product. I know it’s tempting not to touch this collectable makeup item but don’t be shy, the formula of the lipsticks is ultra-hydrating. It contains cocoa seed butter, jojoba seed oil and lavender oil to provide maximum moisture while adding a pretty pop of color to your pout.

Photo Credit: ASOS.com
Photo Credit: ASOS.com

2. Paul & Joe Cat Makeup Collection

If you loved their cat-themed lipsticks, then this makeup set is basically a cat-lovers dream. The collection boasts everything from eye liner to creamy cheek colors packaged in a feminine retro cat-inspired makeup bag. Throw it in your purse for later since this set contains everything you need to get a fresh feline face on-the-go.

Photo Credit: ASOS.com
                            Photo Credit: ASOS.com

3. Sephora Collection Cat Nap Sleep Mask

Both fun & functional this metallic cat-eye-shaped sleep mask blocks out bright lights so you can get your full eight hours of beauty rest. The soft fabric & super cute design makes this an essential addition to any cat-lovers nighttime attire.

Photo Credit: Sephora.com
                      Photo Credit: Sephora.com

4. Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette

Purrr-fect for a smoky eye lover this palette contains a mix of nine warm & cool matte, shimmer and glitter shades. Packaged in the brand’s signature tin case with a special leopard print design makes this a must-have addition to any cat-eye and cat-lovers eye shadow stash. What makes this even more cat-lover-friendly are the names of the shadows. My personal favorites are Kitty Glitter, Tiger’s Eye and Meow.

Photo Credit: Too Faced.com
                           Photo Credit: Too Faced.com

5. Winky Lux Pussy Cat Makeup Bag

Newly launched cruelty free & non-toxic color cosmetics brand Winky Lux offers a fun feline-themed makeup pouch. The pouch features the face of a wide-eyed kitty with whiskers and a sweet looking grin. You can buy the pouch alone or get it for FREE when you purchase two of the brand’s glossy boss lip glosses. While, I haven’t tried the brand yet, I am anxiously awaiting the order I placed earlier this week to reach my door step. Keep a (cat)-eye out for a product review.

Photo Credit: Winky Lux
                Photo Credit: Winky Lux

6. Charlotte Tilbury The Feline Flick Panther Eyeliner Pen

Makeup master Charlotte Tilbury knows how to turn heads with her signature sultry eye looks. It’s no surprise that her year-old makeup line houses one of the BEST liquid liners on the market. This is THE essential product for achieving that fierce feline flick. I personally don’t love winged liner on myself and rarely attempt the time-consuming task, but when I do it I do it with this fabulous product. The felt-tip pen inspired by Japanese calligraphy allows for an effortless application when creating a daring cat-shaped wing. The actual liner is a super (super)  black color & doesn’t turn a weird green or blue tint. Definitely a stand-out liquid liner in a sea of endless options. Next time you’re in the mood to test-out your winged liner skills reach for this and you’ll have that coveted cat-eye with just one flick.

Photo Credit: Charlottetilbury.com
Photo Credit: Charlottetilbury.com

What cat-inspired products are you most interested in getting? Are there any must-haves I didn’t include? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy National Cat Day!


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