How to Get Glam A La Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner’s glam is anything but simple— it’s estimated that she uses 18 products to achieve her everyday makeup look. So yesterday— after inhaling endless amounts of stuffing, mashed potatoes and a little bit of pecan pie— my cousin Helayne (my beautiful makeup model) and I decided to do a little experiment. We wanted to see if I (a regular person) could recreate one of Kylie Jenner’s signature glam looks: cool-toned taupe-y pink lips, natural eyes with a touch of shimmer on the lid and of course a super dramatic lash. I’m not a professional makeup artist or a YouTube beauty guru so needless to say I was skeptical about completing the task to-a-T. To prepare myself to recreate Kylizzle’s glam look I scrolled through her Instagram page, watched a couple a lot of makeup tutorials on her app and scoured through my makeup collection to gather the best and some of the same products that she uses. After setting up all of the tools and making sure we had the perfect lighting I set out to complete my mission. See below to read about how it all went down.


  1. To create that super flawless canvas that Kylie always has I mixed Makeup Forever Ultra HD Liquid Foundation in Y117 and Y120. After mixing the shades on the back of my hand I went in with a damp Beauty Blender and pressed the foundation into her skin. I really blended it out to make sure she didn’t look cake-y.
  1. After finishing the foundation application, I started on the eyes. I noticed that one of Kylie’s makeup artists, Hrush Acheyman, uses tape to create a super clean cat eye effect on the eyes. I’ve actually been doing this for years and love it. I placed the tape on the outer portion of her eye and tucked it below her lower lash line then started on the shadow. I placed a cream colored shadow from the Bobbi Brown Nectar & Nudes eye shadow palette all over the lid then went in with two matte brown shadows in the crease. Kylie always has a very defined matte crease so it’s important to layer the shades to create a seamless effect. My tip for this is to blend, blend and blend some more.
  1. After the crease was complete, I went in with a black shadow from the same Bobbi Brown palette and using an angled brush created a slight wing. I actually LOVED the look that this gives. It defines the lashes without looking intense like it would if you used a liquid or gel liner.
  1. Next, I took two Colourpop shadows in the shades Koosh and Crimper. I focused Koosh, a silvery champagne shade all over the lid and kept Crimper, a golden color, more towards the inner corners of the eyes for a slight gradient effect.
  1. After the eyes were mostly done, I went back in with NARS Radiant Creamy concealer in the shade Vanilla. Kylie always has a super bright under eye so I made sure to include it in this glam look. I placed the concealer in a V-shape under the eyes, down the bridge of the nose, between the brows and a little on the chin. Then blended with the same beauty blender I used earlier and set with Chanel translucent powder.
  1. For Kylie’s chiseled cheekbones, I took Charlotte Tilbury’s Film Star Bronze & Glow in the shade light/medium around the face focusing it in the hollows of her cheeks. To really emphasize the contour, I took Mac’s Bone Beige Sculpting powder on the same brush and placed it only on the backs of the cheeks. After the contour was done, I took the highlighter shade in the Charlotte Tilbury palette and swept it on the tops of the cheeks, down the bridge of the nose and a little on the chin.
  1. To finish off the eyes, I took the same two matte brown shades I used earlier on a pencil brush and applied them to the lower lash line, swiped on one coat of L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara and popped on some Ardell 120 lashes.
  2. To fill-in and define her brows I took an angled brush with a light brown eye shadow. After filling in her brows I took a spoolie and brushed her brow hairs upwards to blend the product in.
  3. Before applying Kylie’s taupe-y pink lip, I doused Helayne’s face in MAC Fixed Plus to ensure the powders melded into her skin
  4. To create Kylie’s signature lip color, I mixed two Colourpop Lippie Stix’s in Tootsi (a greige-y purple color) and Oh Snap (a light mauve pink). I focused Tootsi on the outer portion of the lips and applied Oh Snap in the center feathering it out.


The final look:




It took about an hour to recreate Kylie’s glam. I’m really happy with the results and while I obviously won’t be doing this on myself everyday I think it’s such a pretty makeup look for night time or a special occasion.


What do you think of the final look? Do you think we achieved Kylie’s glam? Let me know in the comments below!


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